Q:Candidates need to resume to which the mailbox?
Q:After receiving the interview, which should be prepared materials, contact phone number?
A:(1)Please bring a detailed resume, an inch photo.(2)Please bring the highest academic credentials and related certificates
Tel: 010-64395398 turn Human Resource Center
Q:Entry formalities need to be prepared to handle what material?
A:Leaving certificate (original): hiring employees must provide evidence of the original unit to lift labor and employment relations (resignation content should clearly demonstrate that they have labor relations, and affix the official seal of the original work graduates do not need to provide this material.).
ID: Provide ID card (front and back printed on a piece of paper).
Certificates and Awards: provide diploma, degree certificate and other incentives for the verification of the original use and retain a copy of each file ready to use.
Photo: Provide an inch of white hat (dark clothing) documents Caizhao 4 (according to the actual size of the cropped photo please spare, and fill in their name on the back of all photos).
Copy of the account: Please provide accounts of the home page and I 1 copy (student please provide a copy of the card account or the account migration card copy)
Medical Card: in Beijing on the insurance of employees, please bring the medical card and a copy of the original.
Archive certificate (original): Please issued the original proof archiving in the archive personnel file where your organization (layout in accordance with the requirements of the local archive institutions, but above there must be "kept to certify that" words if the Beijing urban household and archives in Beijing. Archive staff needs to be transferred to the company's archives when handling the entry formalities by the human resource center for downshift matters; no matter if the other towns urban hukou archives where they are required to prove to the archive agency issued archives; if Beijing agricultural accounts, Go to the account where the local social security for "Beijing rural labor employment card"; if it is outside the rural household, please go to the village where the issue "Agree migrant proof"; if your archives stored in Chaoyang talent you do not need provide proof archive, simply provide entry when the original units issued "to bring up the table"), a case of doubt, please call before entry Human Resource Centre Tel: 010-64395398 turn human resource center. NOTE: If you provide proof of the above archive does not explicitly show "proof archiving" words, please sign on top of archival material to write "I agree that this proof is my proof archive."
Medical certificates: two hospitals over the entry examination certificate.