Candidate processes include: recruitment information release, resume screening, interviewing personnel, personnel recruitment, personnel and other key aspects of the entry, the relevant contents are as follows:
1、Post a Job: Corporate Human Resources Center released the staff through recruitment channels unified management information needs.
2、Resume screening: Human Resource Centre of the job offers based on job description, resume conduct initial screening, and those who pass the primary recommendation to the employing department.
3、Staff interview: Human Resource Centre to release the first test by screening personnel notice. And is responsible for organizing the implementation of the first test. Related employing department official also participated in the first test, and fill out the first test observations.
4、Retest: Human Resource Centre according to the first test observations, organize related systems attended the re-examination, re-examination of the views of the system by the person in charge to fill.
5、Approval: Human Resource Centre staff hiring to determine the specific approval process in accordance with the relevant provisions of the hierarchical authorization management company.
6、Employment: Human Resources Center is responsible for sending notice of recruitment, hiring and urge candidates to send receipts, and to identify specific entry date.
7、Physical examination: Human Resource Centre notification recruits to the designated medical institutions for medical examination.
8、Entry: recruits prepare the necessary information in a specified time to report the company's human resource center, apply for entry formalities.